Jim Rome Show - Jim Rome "A quality video"

Cincinnati Magazine - Amanda Boyd

"Big O video a 'Slam Dunk'"


Boston Herald - Mark Cofman "Terrific video"
Cincinnati Enquirer - John Fay "Burrows' 'Big O' video a standout" "The key with any video is holding the viewer's attention. The Big O: The Oscar Robertson Story does (for two hours)."

Suburban Life - Mark Motz

"The Big O: The Oscar Robertson Story is nothing but net. A triple double. A must for hoop junkies, celebrity watchers or Cincinnati historians." "It's a well-reported and well-researched documentary." "Fit and finish on the film are solid."


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Bob Wolfley "Perhaps the most compelling aspect of The Big O: The Oscar Robertson Story, a video biography of the former Milwaukee Bucks guard, is the account of the racial barriers Robertson overcame to become one of pro basketball's best players." "Producer and director Donn Burrows does a credible and sensitive job reminding viewers of those forces off the court that helped form the player and the person."

Excerpts from email sent by customer

"I viewed the video and "Great and Wonderful" come to mind." "Thanks again for doing the "Oscar devotees" a real favor in putting it all together for us. I enjoyed it immensely." "You have certainly helped to make my day. "


Denver Post - Steven Rosen "When people speak of the greatest National Basketball Association players of all time, they tend to overlook The Big O - Oscar Robertson - because so many of his key pro years were spent with the Cincinnati Royals, in the shadow of the Boston Celtics.""It's an appropriate holiday gift for the basketball fan."

Excerpts from email sent by Robert H.

"I grew up in Bellevue, Ky. idolizing Oscar and listening to Ed Kennedy broadcast Royals games. I spent my summers in those days at Gilligan Stadium in Bellevue, cutting grass, painting the football stands, and playing tennis. Unbelievably one hot day during the summer of '67 Oscar and a friend drove into the stadium in his gold cadillac with the license plate "O" looking for an available tennis court.


My buddy and I were two of the better high school players in Cinti at that time and had either the nerve or lack of manners to approach Oscar about playing doubles. Oscar could not have been nicer. Within fifteen minutes 200 people circled the courts to watch us play. I have heard so many stories about professional athletes over the years and the way that they treat common people but I must tell you that Oscar touched my life that day and I will never forget it.


I remember so well the dignity of the man and watching my hand disappear when we shook hands. I also remember that my Dad didn't believe me when I went home that night. I now have two sons who love basketball above all else. One is a high school senior being recruited by several small colleges and hopes to play somewhere for the next four years. I cannot wait to sit down with my sons (hopefully on Christmas) and watch the tape."




The Sacramento Bee - Antonio Harvey "Take the scoring prowess of Michael Jordan... add the passing ability of Magic Johnson... plus the leadership of Larry Bird - and you have... Oscar Roberston."

Black Athlete Sports Network - Bobby Ramos

"Although he was 'The Man' back in the day, much to the dismay of some, Oscar Robertson has become the 'Quintessential Man' in the way that he has overcome poverty, racism, and professional neglect to rise above all and become a great ball player, a great leader, a great businessman, but -- more importantly -- a great father. All this was achieved with a style, grace, and dignity of which his role model, Jackie Roosevelt Robinson, would have been proud."


Cincinnati Post - Lonnie Wheeler "... anyway, the upshot was a video (The Big O: The Oscar Robertson Story) that took Burrows three years to put together. Cincinnati is a little richer for what he has done." "Burrows' critical success is in his legwork, which was motivated by a thoroughness that makes the video impressively journalistic." "Burrows' work plays royally." Read the entire article at the

Excerpts from email sent by customer

"What a fabulous, inspiring story. It is clear you dedicated your efforts to showing why Mr. Robertson IS the greatest "complete" basketball player of all time (though I suggest the greatest is appropriate)."  " As I watched your film, the balance you present of his life moved me to tears" "As a film maker, your pacing and structure builds to a crescendo where not only Mr. Robertson's emotions of his life experiences could not be contained, but I suspect most viewers will find themselves right there with him."


The Indianapolis Star - Steve Slosarek "The 6-foot-5 'Big O' was a basketball artiste who created a rich gallery of memories for anyone who watched. But even fond remembrances can fade away if not documented properly. So, after turning 60 in 1998, Robertson took some advice from friend Donn Burrows and decided to tell his life story -- on video." "Making the video, which twice captures the raw emotion of Robertson weeping in public, has sparked Robertson's memories and made him appreciate those who helped mold him." "As you get older, you realize that so many things have happened to you," Robertson said. "You become more reflective and sensitive to anything in life." "The footage on the video is invaluable, with video clips from the City Tournament and State Finals, plus audio sound bites from WISH radio's Luke Walton."